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need financial help

ok so hey im snack and my blog is pretty unpopular so im guessing you don’t know who i am but i’m in a kind of extremely tight spot right now. i’ve got dental issues up the ass and my insurance ran out but i need to have two more teeth done, the grand total out of pocket being something like two grand. you are probably aware that the employment situation in the US is fucking bazongers ridicubad right now, so my stepdad is now unemployed, my biological dad is unemployed, and my mom is a teacher, and they dont pull such good cash. i’m putting in lots of applications to places but there just isnt a lot of hiring going on right now.

one of the teeth can wait until insurance kicks in again in october of next year. but the other one, either it gets done now or it gets removed, and its kind of right in the front of my face, so that’s not a thing i really want to do.

tl;dr- i have urgently jacked up teeth, insurance won’t help pay anymore, and we have no money, no jobs, no hope. 

where you come in is maybe buying a thing from me, which if you did that i would be so freaking grateful it would just send me over the moon.

 i sell pokemon stickers. they are pixelly pokemon sprites made big-ish (about 1.5-3” depending on the pokemon) and put onto sticker paper and then laminated for extra long lives and shininess. i will literally make ANY pokemon you want me to. i’ve made missingno ones before. seriously. any pokemon, any sprite, from any game. they are three bucks a pop and you can find them on my etsy right here. i ship internationally, its no problem, since they just come in a standard envelope.

 i will draw things for you. my art isnt that good but i try hard and this would be an excuse to get a lot of practice in anyways so yeah. i don’t know really how this works so i guess i could charge like $5 USD for a drawing? not a lot of people will probably go for this but i’m desperate ok. if you want me to draw you something, send me an ask and we’ll figure it out.

i will probably add more stuff to here later but i’m not anticipating getting a lot of attention here so we’ll see.

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